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To my dear best

To my dear best friend,

A best is always needed. I urge for it. It is less fun to be ordinary. Also, I need to groom my other best things with my chosen best. Remember, I adore you. You are a part of me. Maybe not one soul, but two eyes of a body to acquire a good vision. I have been longing for you. The time should be covered now. It’s already too late. Sometimes I wish I were a millionaire to buy that time which is keeping us apart. But then you make my head spin to think that time will not stay, it will come and go, to and forth, right now it’s between us, but one day it will be between two other bests. Then we will meet. It will be a salubrious sunny day. Sun will bask with us. Breeze will accompany us. We will meet to discuss life one day. We will meet and make each other recall our fiascos. We will share the pain given by other people whom we mistakenly considered our best. We will appreciate our bodacious struggle which we won without each other’s presence. We will express what we have become so far. What constitutes us. We will draft our future. We will outline our goals of keeping loving, spreading positivity and cultivating kindness in our own self made world. From that day we will leave our tears to dry and set free our loneliness to find it’s own opposite. We will make it on the road ahead with eye in eye and shoulder to shoulder. We will meet one day. I don’t know when, but we will meet. Till then I will be waiting for you and sipping coffee alone. 

Take care 


Happy friendship day.


Happy Friendship day

What does this time friendship needs:-

1.Time. Your presence for somebody comes involuntarily. But time is cultivated. It’s planned for somebody.

2.Inspiration. Inspire your dear wolves with very minute sparks of your personality, habit, lifestyle, manners, aesthetics. Don’t say or pretend that you don’t have it 

3.Accept the vulnerabilities. It’s sad that we talk only about bonds, memories and chats. It will be interesting to find someone who can accept your ugly and dark sides too in the most beautiful way.

4.Independent. Friendship does not always mean emotional dependence. Cultivate this bond, to strengthen each other to become strong within oneself too.

Happy friendship day.


Why do some stories end, without being acknowledged well?

We all understand that life is too short that it’s onerous to even live it for oneself wholly. 

But is life lived for only oneself enough.

Is it satisfactory? 

Even for once, if we imagine our living stories, after realising we are no longer taking those usual breadth.

What would our story look like? 

Maybe a hollow vessel which we filled with millions of components, but it never got stored anywhere. Because it didn’t  accumulate in somebody’ heart, it wasn’t remembered in somebody’s memories, it wasn’t thriving in somebody’s spirits.

Do you think such a life is worth living, if it didn’t give any reason to somebody to cry down in your absence, if no one ever tried to keep you alive in their  thoughts and emotions? 

Understand, to share a little part of your time, space, feelings, energy, power for someone else too. It will give new reasons to enliven life. It will help in understanding new dimensions to add strength into the indefatigable spirit of life.

Where you live not only for yourself but for others too. Where you acknowledged their some acts of goodness which cultivated positivity inside you. Where you remained to be kind in letting someone handle their low points and insecurities. Where you kept your heart open to make them believe that they can trust you without conditions.

You need to make all of that happen. 

The garden of your arena does not radiate with beauty until it’s one flower is well watered or well soiled. But if all flowers are well maintained, to enhance the alacrity with blossoming flowers of your entire garden.


So, I can’t wake up

Early to see sunrise

But I do watch sunset

I love that light

I love that shine

I roam on my terrace

With no phones

Most of the times

Glare the falling rays

And find immense 

Happy insight 

I often think 

Sun to be like a normal

Living being

Who is alike 

Like all

In morning it rises

Robustly, actively 

With strong intensity

To perform its duty

Of the day

And in evenings 

after a hectic day

It becomes 




And decide

To go to bed

And rest

By seeing sun ride

And absorbing it’s 

Going light 

I feel complete 

That today’s day is over

My black and dark thoughts 

Drawns and drains 

I feel happy

I won today 

Against the struggles 

Of the day

Today’s small share of life

Has been spent 

It might be wasted

It might be appreciated 

Like those 

Rays of Sun

Burning somebody


Calming somebody 

Minimise the use of phone

Would like to see a world of mobile zombies in the coming years?

I think we are already seeing that.

Our dependence on mobile phones has become umpteen. Sooner the confidence of our body is  going to be portrayed in the same way which the above picture shows.

No one can mention that “Hey, don’t use phones?” It’s next to impossible. I think more than 50 percent of our daily activities require us to be ‘online’. It’s with me. It’s with everyone else also. Be it for education, for connecting, for binging, for exploring, for work and for numerous other personal jobs which are an integral part of our lives. But it’s even more shocking to realise that if we spent half of our time on phones for productive things, we also spent the other half on unproductive things which needs to be strictly controlled before it starts taking a heavy toll on our physical and mental health.I understand the fact that dependence cannot be curtailed. But the layout of usage can be properly designed.

So here are some of the tips from my side which works superbly in my favour in managing my mobile phone screen time to maximise my productivity through the usage  of mobile phones.

1.Remember it, Mark it, Stick to it for the most important tip which is don’t use the phone in the morning. Avoid it. Maybe, for a while, look at it to know the time. But then, turn it off. Don’t start opening the social media apps, giving answers for the unread messages or going through notifications, since dawn. It’s one of the strict practices I follow. I don’t see my phone before having breakfast. It’s nice to follow it. Nothing is important which requires your immediate involvement with the phone in the mornings. Forbade yourself, keep it away and enjoy the morning with no screen times and online devices.

2. Work for an alternate online and offline activity regime. Complete an offline activity. Then go for an online activity. And vice versa. Do it on one after the other basis. This will help you restrict the use of phones and will ensure less strain on eyes and brain. I always follow it. If I study online at first, then my second work might be to read a book, an offline thing. Then again I can switch to an online job. This is how the cycle works.It surely helps. The results will be clearly visible.

3. Don’t spend more than 15 minutes going through all notifications and checking all the feeds on your social media. Keep a check of time and don’t exceed the limit.It’s crucial. 

4.After using the phone for a prolix time especially for viewing a 2-3 movie, ensure to lay down, close your eyes and take a nap For 30 minutes. It’s important to give your eyes little rest after an intense exposure to the online screen.

5.If possible, in an entire day take out some good amount of hours where you don’t use the phone at all. Like in evenings. It will be a great exercise for our health and for our personal reflection.

All these suggestions have done wonders for me. Hope it does it for you too.


///”A sacrifice is not a trade.”\\\ 

My two broader and deeper realization about this phrase are:-

1.I think the foremost thing is the essence of intention with which sacrifices are being made. We get to witness many opportunities in our lives where the capacity of giving should always be more than the capacity of expecting anything in return. There is a different sense of joy and tranquility in the acts of simply giving from the core of your heart to anyone, whether they desperately need it. You buy a packet of foodstuff to feed the stray dog. That might be a sacrifice of your money. But it is the kindness of the heart to satisfy somebody in need. The dog will give you nothing in return, maybe. But you do it. Expectations kill joy. It diverts your mind and energy into looking for the things which you should receive from an uncertain future. It robs the kindness from your heart which cultivates at pleasant times. Your kind gestures of giving should multiply in order to receive in abundance. Even if it does not come back. There is always that positive hunch in our satisfied soul which keeps us away from all regrets that,”I should have done it”. Sacrifices made from good intention bring optimistic results. Sacrifices made from malice intention creates war for us and for others.

2.Another reflection to this notion is 

What if my sacrifices are not appreciated? what if they are not duly respected? 

What if people have considered them as my weakness? 

These are crucial issues to be asked and questioned because if not adeptly comprehended they might destroy our self esteem, belittle our self worth, make our soul hollow with injustice throughout life. Trade leads to economic prosperity by being two sided, involving giving away some commodity and taking some commodity. Giving due money , taking due money. 

What for? 

To maintain a balance. To initiate another set of trade deals .That’s a fair deal . So will it be wrong to consider the same for life sacrifices also.After all,every person needs something may be directly or indirectly;may be for themselves or maybe for the happiness of the others.It is not bad to think that,yes, sacrifices to some extent should be like business where our needs are  satisfied.The share of others joy is also multiplied.It add vigor to the foundation of relationships where both the sides find way to bolster each others presence.The two sides go hand in hand with equal love and self esteem.

Is that that bad to think?

At the end what one should choose is hard to figure out now. Choices are not preconceived they are formed in accordance with the circumstances,still whatever our choices would be great if they satisfy the following criteria:-

*Choose what could be morally right and for the peace accelerating ambience

*There should be no greed, it doesn’t takes us anywhere

Self Love

For people who love themselves may be more than others:-

1.It’s the new cool. A different swag. It makes you unique. It’s an amazing feel to be the one in such a world where people are never tired of contemplating their insensitivities.

2. If people claim that you are self obsessed. Then never take it on heart. If it makes you that, it’s completely okay. Remember it’s better to talk and think more about oneself than others.

3. You are not selfish. And please don’t become that too. Thinking good about oneself without harming anyone is not a sin after all.

4. Do remember, if you have learnt to love yourself, you will learn to love others too. Everything starts from you. And then spread to the rest of the world.

5. Loving yourself makes you more intelligent in scrutinizing your weaknesses in a skilful manner. 

6. It’s precious to embark on this feeling, after all. It’s tedious to wait for expectations to be always fulfilled from your own tribe. To be self-sufficient is also an enjoyable thing.

7. Such people are as cool and normal as others too. They would love to mingle with different minds and souls. It’s just they will inspire others to be kind with oneself too, which is an amazing deal.

8. It would always be nice to have such people in your company. They will add a new taste of excitement in life.


Have you ever

thought that, 


you might not share

your pain with others

Irrespective of the propogandas 

around the world

to come up, 

talk, don’t shy, my dm is open,

How many of us are comfortable in 

choosing these wise options

Will we actually go for them

Despite they seem easy, 

Despite they are convenient 

Despite they require no resource

I think the answer will be 

Be an affirmed belief

But negative in practice

That’s true

That’s real

Because if they would have 

Been followed 

We would still not be struggling

With our issues

With our pains

With our negativities 

With our problems

Which dwells with us 

Like the dust in the house

Which keeps on accumulating

Become thick with time

We are not wrong 

That we have troubles just like

The persistent dust in our house

It’s that we often assume 


It’s better there should be no dust 

It’s better someone else should better clean it

It’s better if I clean only once, not again 

But the thing 

Which we fail to understand that 

It has to be at least cleaned 

once by us

Only by us

Because if we will do it once

We will do it again

And maybe always in our lives

The only beautiful thing in 

This entire process is 

it starts with us

It starts from us

It starts by us

That’s the first step 

of the therapy 

which is self healing

Heal little portions

Like cleaning the corners

We know pain 

Will come 

Just like the dust

But we will pick 

Things in our mind 

To resurgent our old jaunty life

Just like that broom, cloth , spray 

To spruce the corners 

To make the entire house look pretty

Two sides of life

So, I was watching the movie  “The Sky is Pink”. 

Many of us know that it’s a movie about a sick girl who had just counted breadth and the struggle of her parents to leave no stone unturned in giving her a normal life like theirs.

On one hand, I was literally spirited after watching the movie and seeking the beautiful message that, “Live life to its fullest.”

On the other side, hearing the news that one great movie actor has committed suicide and died. 

Well, how to react in such a dilemmatic situation. It’s hard to comprehend what to think about. People talk endlessly in general that we should make the most of our one precious life. People also talk endlessly about the importance of mental health and issues.

But, honestly I want to talk about life.

I want to discuss why it is so uncertain? I want to know what makes life so peculiar that it has two extreme sides. One person wants a life at any cost. But one does not hesitate to take their own life. One sees those sparks of living each moment to its full. And another sees only vacuum and empty holes. One expressed the wholehearted love for her beloved. But the other did not think anything about his loved ones. 

Why is it easy to say that life should be enjoyed? Then how it becomes so easy to end life in such a tragic way. I find it hard to settle my mind to one firm answer. Which side to finally settle down? To the one where you also believed like others that life has its own special gifts for you. You should wait to open them up at some significant time. Or should I just talk beat Bush about considering mental health issues a severe problem through my Instagram stories, when I genuinely know how much help we actually give to somebody to deal with their situation. I personally think we need more awareness or a propaganda to talk about this issue followed by preaching of optimism about life and it’s situation. But rather we need help. The kind attitude of selflessness. The non judgemental conduct towards people. That free state to reach to people. To interact with people at will, not for diplomacy or formality. The right kind of education about the subject called life. The teaching of acquiring solace and self love, not prestige and money.

Yes, we need more of it than one day greif.