One should be productive in this lockdown phase.

It’s ok if you are not productive during this lockdown phase.

I think there will be no one who would have not thought for one single second.

Everyone is struck in this dilemma. 

Some say to use this time in its best possible.

Some make you believe that even if you don’t do anything,it will work.

What one has to do or what does not?

Well, that’s a personal choice. I believe.

But my perception over it just simple and that is to understand that

What does one require or what one really wants?

The first task is to analyse and make a definite decision about what you really want to execute during any particular day or time. That can be anything 

Whether To do something productive

Or maybe to do nothing. 

If you choose the former then explore what tasks you want to accomplish.

To study anything, to do your normal work, to read , to cook, to do courses, to binge Netflix, or to adopt any new habit.

Whichever activity you pick, devour yourself completely in that. Enjoy it the most. Extract the best from that activity. Accomplish your task sincerely and dedicatedly. This will help your energy to be in flow. Also, it would optimise the time and maybe keep one intact in a systematic schedule. 

If you choose later,

I won’t say it’s a bad choice. Maybe sometimes not being involved in any activity sounds soothing. But still, 

One has to understand the difference between being mentally idle or being mentally occupied. I think being mentally idle is an unfit state. Letting the flow of your thoughts going waste can be unhealthy for your peace and thoughts. When you don’t think anything in your mind, then you easily become receptive of invaluable energies around you. That may be negative and nettlesome. You self doubt yourself, become judgemental about others, drain your spirited energy into quarrelsome activities with your friends and family. Because the essence of the epithet reflects accurately,

“Devil dwells in an idle mind.” That’s a proven fact. A general observation. The finest reality.

Whereas if you choose to be mentally occupied then aggrandize your emotions and spirits to a certain thing ,a thought or maybe anything. Yes, that could be both, positive and negative. But that’s the task where you introspect how your mental strength converts negatives into  positives and how your mental weakness converts positives into negatives. One who is handling this deep realisation task by being resilient about it, I think they are indeed doing productive work during any free time. Because sometimes you need to invest in yourself emotionally too. Those reflections too are a worthwhile deal for your life.

At last, I would mention that life is all about the choices we make at a particular time. Hence, Choose wisely which kind of productivity you actually want.


There was a time in my life, when I was also afraid of death as others. It frightened me casually. It was apprehensive to even think about it, forget about accepting it.

But as I grew up, became more cognizant about the rampant uncertain events around me and around the world, I realised that death is not a nightmare, it’s indeed one of the biggest realities of life on this planet. 

Death is that certain thing, which we know is going to occur. It is going to take place. It is bound to happen. As humans, why should we be afraid of things whose occurrence is duly destined and will occur at its appropriate time. 

Maybe the after effects of death threaten us more than the mere death. The end of your survival story, the love of our closed ones, the aspirations of life. But all these attachments  and responsibilities can never be bigger than a truthful reality. All these are part of general aesthetics of survival. If they start with life, then they should end with life considerably too. No big power can overcome this truthful fact. Death becomes easy if we accept it, in its   true nature. With no fear. With no doubt. 

Some experience death very early. 

Some experience it late. 

We can’t control fate.

Therefore, let the time flow with its ease. 

Cherish those ephemeral breadth and fulfill the purpose. 

Death will come when life will wait.

Mixed Feelings

I have mixed feelings 

when I still live under 

the false impression 

that maybe I love you

or maybe my life would 

be far better without you.

I have mixed feelings

when I want to 

keep all of you

but still let you Go with 

pain in my heart because 

things cannot work out like this. 

I have mixed feelings 

when I wish to enjoy

every last piece of that 

happiness pie but 

I left it wasted 

to be taken by somebody else.

I have mixed feelings 

when I see others

viewing from the

highest peak

the best view of their world 

and I am struggling

to even lift my feats.

I have mixed feelings 

when I dream 

of being brazen about

every single thing around me

but the fear of insecurity 

only results in a sealed mouth

although full of words.

I have mixed people

when I think 

that will my survival 

create a difference 

or my end will give more 

meaning to my survival.

What if

What if 

you get a chance to 

make use of that 

opportunity which 

you missed 

while being stumbled 

What if

You meet that person 

you considered to be

your best person 

who left you when

you were standing in the midst

What if 

You regain that courage 

which you lost 

under those sheets 

of dismay 

to be distressed

What if 

you commence loving 

the person who 

unloved you many

a times to 

be heartbroken

What if


welcome a decision 

to revive your existence 

for better reasons 

which you never lived.


Deepen those seeds

which yields love

So that I can’t

find any reason

to unlove 


Suppress those seeds

which cultivate doubts

about my 


in this giant world.

Encourage those seeds

which aids generosity 

to be disbursed 

all over.


Lonely has become
my new aura
filled with idyllic
thoughts and
indefatigable spirit
to renew my inner
self which was lost
in the hustles of crowd
with little space
for my existence.
Lonely has become
my earnest feeling
to choose myself
over all other
because I came with
them only not later
or not earlier.
Lonely has become
my great companion
I may discharge it
but it will keep coming
and keep visting
because things which are
meant to stay, they stay ,
they don’t leave until
we leave them.


Do you think you are not ok?

Do you think something is troubling you?

Do you think that you are going wrong?

Do you think you can’t share your issues too easily with people?

Do you feel struggling for every little thing?

Do you think you are not following an apt guidance?

If the answer of all this question is yes, then welcome to the real world of life. Life keeps on becoming a little difficult as we start getting more exposed to it. The simple things which used to give us endless joy are lost in midst of all these growing phases. The feeling of  aplomb over our little proud accomplishments no longer seem to be as victorious as before.

Well, all this is very rampant. Everyone goes through such time and phases. As we grow older and start realizing  more of the outside world, the more problems start to ponder. The world is becoming very dynamic and unpredictable each day. Life is changing in each hour. All this is having a direct impact on our human minds and in our human life. With growing strange times, human behavior is also losing its rationale and patience. This stream of shift can be widely seen and apprehended.

We are becoming more confused. Becoming more anxious. Losing our vitality. Not acting according to our conscience. Losing interest in people. And so many such observations are grappling the world around.

The major problem remains to be we know our situation is not ok and something is being wrong. But we hardly know any right way to feel ok and to make situations around ourselves to become ok or maybe normal. The latter exercise is hard to comprehend, explore and execute. Therefore our problems remain for a long time. We keep on struggling. We keep on pretending . We keep on surviving rather than live.

The most important thing which catalyses such issues of anxiety and distress is the fear of not being able to share. As human beings, we are so apprehended with the thought of being judged, that we don’t realize the importance of sharing the things which bothers us.  Sharing and discussing anything is the basis of human life. We should never forget that human beings are social animals. We need to interact, come forward out of our cocoons, discuss , propagate, the opinions we have in our minds. Sharing enhances the mere bonds. It strengthens up the basis of humanity. Simultaneously, if we share all good points of our life with people all around us, why should not those points which trouble us. why to step back to make people realise with which difficulties you are going through? 

In difficult times what you need is the strength to revive back from everything. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to find that. But sometimes not. That depends on the personality of different folks. 

Our mind is sometimes so flogged with inappropriate thoughts that we don’t find a right way to come out of its grip. But the mere courage of confronting your feelings to the right person at the right time may work wonders. You need some ears to listen to  you patiently. You need some mind to understand you. You need a heart to not judge you. Do you wish to have that? Do you wish to have such an open platform? If it is one of your bucket lists, then get that tick mark. Because the world is not such a bad place because some people make it to be a good place.

One such efficient platform is Weheal. Weaheal is an online platform that helps people move through difficult problems and find inspiration to get sorted , make themselves a better version  and lead an easy fun filled and purposeful life. It is easily available in an application. The application only requires a normal registration. Then you can explore its salient features. The application ensures anyone can easily share  their troubling issues and seek a proper and efficient guide in order to tackle the righteous way. People connected on this app are amiable with an acute basis of rational conscience to provide effective advice and suggestions.

The best thing is there is an available option to remain anonymous, if one wishes to remain so. That’s the best feature. Because nowadays people are highly sensitive to their privacy freedom, which is being taken care of by the app developers and all the people interacting on the app. The app also features various kinds of inspirational written matter about general topics and problems which surrounds. Through those writing pieces, numerous people get a chance to put forth their opinions about different issues and help other people with various effective advice to cope up well in future and life ahead. It’s said that any day of your life becomes meaningful if you have read anything inspirational. Therefore, all the writing pieces are freely and easily made accessible on the application. Hence, these have been some of the important features of the platform. One can explore more and become aware about its entire process and features.

Someone has rightly said, “A job worth doing is worth doing it together.” Problems are not always meant to be fought for. They are meant to be dealt. They are dealt better if they are dealt together. Some people are worth being with in order to deal with all kinds of odds.  Therefore come out of your comfort zone and hold somebody’s hands to remove all hindrances and go a long way ahead. And weheal can give you one such great platform.

Scamper Wellbeing

Well being Scamper:-


Substitute new pinches to the old thoughts thoughts regime. Certain things will always remain to be unpleasant. Something we will never like. Something to which we will never approach. But the increased capacity of thinking can make things look better. Try to add new dimensions in the fathoms  of your mind. 


Combine the versatile pool of your talents and execute if for the better cause and efficient work. Make every best use of the strengths you hold inside your mind and brain. You need an emotional devotion and a pragmatic approach to utilise the abilities to their most suitable way.


Adapt new habits, opinions,ideas,suggestions, advice, ways, techniques,strategies. It’s interesting to be different. Try a variety of things. Maybe some for brilliance.  Some for craziness. Some will turn out ugly. Some might change your time of life. Never hesitate to add some different tastes and flavours of the precious time of your life.


Magnify the essence of your individuality. Right things may attract bad vibes. But right things always get grappled from right sources. Sometimes whatever is right for us, that becomes vulnerable by others.  Therefore, it is attacked more often. But believe it, never loosen out your salubrious self which should always be inclined to hold on to yourself and be brazen about it. To let everyone know that you control what you hold.

P(Put to other uses)

Put the following things to other use:-1.Emotions, Because they are worth it. Not always to be lost.  

2. Mind ,Increase the size of thinking. Your entire life will always be determined by it.


Eliminate unnecessary irritants. They don’t always exist. They are created sometimes, intentionally or maybe unintentionally. Come out of their grip. Control the insensitivities of your soul,mind, thinking or of your body. This will lead you to great heights, because they don’t bring out anything to respite.


Reverse back to your old self. There is a lot to learn from your old you. With growing ages and times, we keep on abandoning certain traits which we used to possess just naturally.Think about those certain good things which have been forgotten but needed at this time. Flip it. Reverse it. One never knows, things would become surprisingly amazing.


Colours are magic

Colours are tragic

Colours are wide

They never lose 

From  sight

Red colour is the heart of emotion

Emotions we cultivate 

Emotions we calibrate

Emotions we live with 

Emotions we die with 

White colour is the source of thoughts

Facts which are united

Facts which are classified

Facts which are veracity

Facts which are curiosity

Black colour is the realm of doubt

Faults that rejuvenate 

Faults that stimulate 

Faults that bring stillness

Faults that bring happiness

Yellow colour is the epitome of positivism

Positivity adds spirits

Positivity adds mirth

Positivity adds soul

Positivity adds core

Blue colour is the measure of decision

Control is the limit

Control is the grit

Control is the might

Control is the fight

Green colour is the range of opportunities

Ideas cater life

Ideas cater exile

Ideas cater differentiate 

Ideas cater definite ways

Colours are magic

Colours are tragic

Colours are wide

They never lose 

From  sight

21 days 21 things

///21 things for those 21 days\\\ 1.Life will always remain to be precious.
2.Economy has no value unless supported by living human beings.
3.Nature has been taking more now, than giving.
4.Stillness is priceless in today’s world.
5.Any single thing you want to do, do it now.
6.Future is becoming more unpredictable every single day.
7.Never knew that we can be such great warriors.
8.Family is indeed the best support.
9.China will become a superpower at the cost of millions of deaths.
10.Found new cosy  corners at home.
11.The world will not remain to be the same place for all of us after this.
12.One does not learn everything from socialising.
13.We need to find more of ourselves.
14.Those souls are beautiful who garner and renders positivity at this time.
15.Human spirit is Dauntless.
16.Regrets are the worst thing.
17.We have become flexible in these times.
18.Irresponsible action impacts numerous people.
19.Treatment towards divest and strand people is more inhuman than mere deaths because of this disease.
20.True leadership is tested in harsh times. Many people have achieved that despite no official recognized position.
21.We will learn to live and survive soon.
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