Grades or Values ????

Very Warm Wishes to my readers

I know it has been a long time that I have come up with another blog of mine in this new year of fresh spirits.

Now a days , newspapers are being filled with numerous information about one of the crucial topic which is ‘Board Exams’. Since last week , I have seen or read plenty of articles about boards , how we need to prepare for them, all those exam tips , how one need to tackle stress during such period and so on. While reading about all such stuff , I came across a very beautiful article. The article was pretty compact and direct in its message. But there were couple of lines written in that , which had such deep impact on me. My mind is constantly spinning up and thinking about the eccentricities of those lines.

Those lines were

( I think it’s better to quote them in that same manner)  :-

“It is us , who do not show our children the right direction . In the formative years, we ask them to learn things that they most likely will not need in their later lives. When they grow up , we ask them to display skills and values which we never stressed upon in the first place at the right time.”

Well, this is in the reference of the nature of parents and teachers who only emphasises on the importance of scoring good grade always. The education system of our country is such which signify the mere marks as the parameter to judge children’s brilliance or calibre. And what the education system has stated, that has been prevailing since long and its effects have become so deep rooted that it’s so difficult to uproot them. Throughout our lives we have been made to remain under this scenario  to score good grades in order to be successful. But is marks everything?? Being a student myself, I can now proudly answer, NOT AT ALL.

Your life solely never depends on just numbers . It depends on the kind of person you become during the course of life. Any 3 hour exam with questions and ‘YOU’ vomiting over those can never determine the real worth of yourself. What matter the most is , the kind of values and skills children learn in their formative years . The knowledge given to them might be outdated with times but the kind of values  and skills which one cultivates , that makes a tremendous difference in one’s life.

We are given stress , but no one ever teaches us how to handle that stress. Employer’s today are looking for productive skills and values in candidates , but how to master them when the  foundation of our qualification primarily lies over mere marks.

Children or Students of today , in fact the citizens of tomorrow need specific set of values in their lives more than anything else. INDEED

Values of vision , respect , love , integrity , honesty, commitment , gratitude and friendship. It is these values which makes the difference in youth’s professional and personal lives. What is equally important is right combination of skills . Communication skills, critical thinking , creativity , time management , emotional intelligence , decision making , problem solving , leadership. Together , these skills and values are what is required  in tomorrow’s global citizens . But these are pretty unlikely nurtured at the formative age , which is very depressing to know.

Never mind what teachers and parents make us to do , it is crucial to come out of such rat races and to start living our lives according to our perspective and intuitions. We have to become the learners for life. Whatever career we take up, we should firmly establish the fact that right values and time tested skills only will take us to the pinnacle of our career.

We should not mind to learn as per somebody’s expectations , one thing which we should know is ‘How to keep learning all our LIFE.’

Do you remember your marks ??

Well you should better not , because there are more beautiful things to live for…..

Best Regards

Suman Kumari



Resolutions Poore Honge…

Very ‘Warm Greetings’ to my readers and a very Happy New Year.

I hope everyone had a great kickstart to 2019.

Well , recently the new semester of my  college started. It was a great feeling to be back and meet those lovely people. As we all were greeting new year wishes to each other , one of my friend asked another that ‘Hey ! Did you make any resolutions?’. The later person answered , ‘ Not at all. I never make them. Because nothing is ever achieved.’ My former friend also shared that , ‘ Same. Nothing happens. Even if we make it , we never follow them and they are never achieved. And by seeing such scenerios we often feel disapponted and detested. So its better not to make it.’ Both of my friends were having complete unison assurance over this topic and were brimmingly convinced that resolutions actually serve no purpose.

Well, nummerous variety of perceptions revolve around the concept of resolution. Throughout my life I also made many and sometimes not even thought of making them , forget about accomplishing them.

But with passing time , I witnessed a very strong realization about the concept of resolutions. The two most crucial aspect of resolution which I believe are :-  

  1. Making and Doing Efforts

  2. Fragmenting the resolutions into small goals.

Making and Doing Efforts

Why are we happy and proud of our successes and accomplishments ? There might be different answers for many. But my answer solely focus on one thing which is that we tend to feel happy and proud because we make load of efforts for achieving any particular target. We push  ourselves hard, we compromise , we face all kind of hurdles and the combination of all this tend us to leave no stone unturned in finally establishing our accomplishments. When making efforts yield so many fruitful results , then why are we so resistant in making so ? The clear reason that ‘resolutions not being completed’ is simply one’s own unwillingness to at least try or make an effort for completing them.

There is not a single activity in this world which does not demand one’s effort. One simply cannot escape from it. One eat food and enjoy it , because one make an effort to use the movement of one’s hands. Our photos seems to be good. Why? Because we make an effort to choose  good clothes , to make poses and to show good expressions.

We make an effort for activities of daily routine . But we can’t make effort to fulfill our resolutions because we live under a false impression that they will never be fulfilled. If this has been the case then nothing would have ever evolved, revolved, developed and innovated in this world. All this happened, because at some point there was someone who dared to accomplish something by making sincere efforts in that domain.

The same principle undergoes in the process of completion of resolutions. Once we have made our mind to put forth immense efforts in achieving whatever one want then I think resolution initiates to the stage of being completed . Fruitful results are not provided at free cost. One cannot expect to avail all outputs if we do not put in necessary inputs. The value of any success or accomplishment is worth when one achieve it through consistent efforts for a particular desire. The result one obtain might not be expected beforehand, but indulge yourself in the process of giving your best with your valuable efforts. It might be hard, painful and stressful but its long lasting impact  make you and your life worthy of. The choice of being disappointed is in your own hands. Resolutions are not to blamed for that.

Fragmenting Resolutions into Small   Goals

The main reason of being disappointed with our resolutions is that we decide a very big goal for the year . We try to complete it in that capacity only. Big goals are not achieved overnight.  Their results are not felt in just one day.

Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook. He has extreme power and great intelligence. But he cannot handle his such big company alone. His company’s functions need to be designated into numerous parts or departments to be handled by different people. When people perform their jobs and it is well coordinated with the responsibilities of the CEO , then only the company is able to achieve its targets. Similarly , one can achieve the long term goal by fragmenting it into small goals aligned to particular time and situation. When you break the big goal into different small goals  and when you complete those at particular time , then ultimately the big goal is achieved.

Like if we fragment our one big goal into 5 small goals and we follow it continuously then

5 ( little goals each day)  X 30 (days)


    150 ( little wins within a month)

And when these goals are followed in all months then it leads to

          150 X 12 = 1800 little wins

At the end of the year one would have completed 1800 little goals. It’s not just the achievement of nearly 1800 small wins that will be your success, but having the focus , discipline , grit and stamina to get 1800 goals done in a year which will rightly help in achieving big goal of our life.

I think whosoever make resolutions , they take the best step to improve themselves and their situations. What one need at the next step is to convert your resolutions into little wins by completing small goals with the component of undertaking efforts. Believe me , life is too short . Why to always brood over issues of our incapabilities of having not achieved this or that.

This year let’s try something different. Lets gear up and make things happen which we always aspired. Forget what happened the last years. Avail the  opportunity of this new year to be the best of all and to be occupied with little wins.

This  year let’s acknowledge  taste of our successes and accomplishments.

All The Best !!!!

Thanks for all the patience and time.

Best Regards

Suman Kumari

Lessons at the END….

Very  ‘Warm Greetings’ to all my readers..

Well , today I am very excited . As it is the very last day of this year. This year might be good for some or it might not be that happening . Varied emotions , Varied perceptions and Varied stigmas are attached to this former statement. But I do believe that every year holds something for somebody. Every year has a tremendous capacity to give away something in return to all which could be used , implemented , implied , moulded to one’s life aspect at any point of time.

Honestly , I believe that 2018 has been an awesome year for me. There were plenty of things I achieved . There were valuable experiences I witnessed . There were certain mistakes I commited. Also , many wrong decisions I took.

I comprise all those things into a nutshell of certain lessons I have learnt at the time span of 365 days.So we are near to January , I wish to share certain best lessons I learned from the year of 2018 out of intense reflection on how I showed up , performed, lived and served over.

I hope they will help my readers to fly and help them to achieve maybe not all but something in 2019 ..

# 1. The worth of any award or reward becomes more valuable when it is obtained out of one’s immense hard work , consistency and dedication. The results are felt to be fruitful only when they emerges out of a fruitful tale of devotion and dedication. It is a big truth and I admit to it not only emotionally but practically as well.

# 2 . “ Jin Aankhon Mein Sapne Hote Hai , Unn Se Kabhi Rona Nahi Chahiye, Sapne Dhundle Ho Jate Hai.” This statement is my favourite. I really love it, the way it is. Never give up hopes. Surely , there are many big dreams of yours desperately waiting for your efforts , patience and consistent attitude to be completed which we have once seen or imagined in our lives.

# 3 . “Work for people who believe in you and work for those people in whose vision you believe the most.” The another beautiful lesson I learnt this year . I understand one need to maintain a firm balance between one’s wishes and other expectation. But still if things start taking a fierce troll on ‘you’ then step back and give yourself what you want. Always remember your time , efforts , mental peace and your own ‘self’ are not something to be recklessly spoiled by anybody. No one has that right . Remember it.

# 4 . “Forgive the Unforgiven” , This is a precious skill for leading a legendary life : learn to let go of those people and things which caused you grief and releasing the experiences that no longer serve any purpose. I know it sounds simple , but it’s not. One such situation I witnessed personally this year. But one conclusion I draw is , that it is important to understand anyone does anything best based on their level of wisdom , maturity and private power. Just let go off things and work for your beneficial future.

# 5 . The art of making good decisions always come from good experience and good experience always originate from bad experiences. This is a bitter truth . But only this yield the most sweetest results of all.

# 6 . “ Ek Chote Se Beej Ko Bhi Bada Ped Ban Ne Ke Liye Bahut Dabna Padta Hai” That is very true . To really achieve what you want in your life you have to go through , be compressed or suppressed through a lot many ( I wont say hardships) but ya certain time or phase which we don’t expect initially but we have to witness it.

# 7 . The golden rule of maintaining good equation with people is to express your gratitude towards them . I know it requires efforts but that’s worth it and also kindness will take you a long way in your life . Be the kindest of all …

# 8 . Never show the world your weakness , they learn to play with them . Honestly , the kind of opinion others make about you largely depends on what you show to the world. It’s interesting sometimes to deceive people by revealing something unexpected. Also , my readers , emotions are way more valuable , don’t spend  them recklessly .

# 9 . Discipline is the key to life. I believe discipline has different meanings for different people. Hence realise that right meaning and start working according to it. Being disciplined might be difficult but one cannot escape from it.

# 10 . Set goals only for small achievable targets. When we set a very big goal and do not strive hard to achieve it then it creates a detested feeling inside us. But when you make small goals relevant to particular circumstances and time , then surely you have more vigour to achieve them , you make yourself more committed in achieving those small goals and thereby with the completion of all those small goals you ultimately achieve the big goal.

# 11 . Stay in a company of those people who help you to grow and be nourished. I know it’s damn hard. But remain constantly in search of them . The company which  , maybe at present , might not be able to provide to you to that extent , learn the art of Acceptance from them . Honestly , life is too short to love , there is no time for hate. But acceptance toward things or people you cannot change, well that is a pious trait, I firmly believe so.

# 12 . Don’t be too busy to not able to take out time for yourself . It’s important to make  efforts for the wellbeing of yourself’ . Love yourself , be yourself and take care of yourself.

2019 is a fresh opportunity and I hope the above lessons which have helped me are surely going to help my readers also.

Always remember we are constructed to be victorious in our own authentic way. We all have that natural power in us to create maybe something which we dreamt of or we are aspired to do so. Just have the devotion to act for it because nothing happens until we move or we do. Life celebrates and values only to the doers.

….so start the New Year magnificently and have a fantastic start which will set my readers up for a magical finish.

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers!!!

I would appreciate the sincere efforts and patience of all those who would read it and highly appreciate to all those who will like it and comment over it.

Thank You

Best Regards

Suman Kumari

Part 2 :- Being a Student , who studied Maths…

Let me share my experience regarding this topic :-

As I already mentioned that I was an average student in it. Maths was never my favorite subject , but still I was able to do it through practicising , mugging , cheating , learning from blunders and so on.

I was good at it till 8th. Its important reason was some good teachers , who taught well. But my performance in it degraded from 9th and its reason the teacher not being too good at teaching , the syllabus being so tough and I had no tutions. My graph at this subject experiencing those troughs . I really never got good marks in it.

Maths in 10th became pathetic to a next level. The reason was not the  teacher and syllabus but a lack of spirit to actually wish to do something . Though I tried hard , but all in vain. The resentment of the teacher and the high competition in my batch were fuels which were firing my demotivated capacity more and more. I still remember being passed in my pre and pre pre boards on just margins by god’s grace. Finally being highly dejected and disappointed by seeing those negative sloping curves in the graph of Maths , I still tried to push myself hard to practice and make sincere efforts for my board. My board went well but I was as usual not wholly satisfied. I remember I got 86/100 marks in 10th board Maths. I was still not happy. But lately I realised out of my inner self motivation centre that its okay to get this much . I put upon an effort and that yielded maybe not the best but atleast a good or better result.  I always used to be on the verge of failing, but I got this much which I think was a good score for a student like who never understood much of Maths concept and was more interested in getting rid of them asap.

The same cycle continued in 11th class Maths also , whose level reached to a stage of such horrible and pathethic feelings, that I dont have even words to describe it. And (Sone Pe Suhaga) the new Maths teacher also left no stone unturned in making the subject and my performance to become from bad to worst . I still remember there was a cycle test about which I was so confident to get good marks. But destiny does not even take second to shatter all your hopes. The next day , the maths teacher is standing in front of me with my answer script of failed marks and giving some nonsense and baseless resons of failing me . I remembered I cried on that day and was  actually howling like hell twice once in the afternoon when that hurt feeling was ‘fresh’ and one at night because I just wanted to. But after that , I never cried because of this subject . I got failed and was even on the verge of it. But I knew one thing in my mind that if I will practice more , my results will surely improve.

The same happened for my 12th class board , the paper being damn easy , but its a nescessity to be scornful aganist me for those silly mistakes I made in that easy paper. When results came , I got 90/100 , the highest of all subjects in Maths. I was evetually very happy and I can actually bet and give guarntee to my readers that I was more happy than that boy who scored 99/100 in this subject. It is because he would surely be knowing in advance that he would score well . But unluckily or maybe luckily I never had such feeling. Always remember only the unexpectecd things can give you the greatest joy and maybe more than even the expected ones.

Also , never  give up hope. Never mind Maths being the toughest and complex subject , but still it has its own beauty . Always keep on trying. You might get dejected results often but there is something better or best waiting for you. And Marks are not everything, but efforts are. You make sincere efforts for a thing even that counts. I know the scores I got 86 and 90 , they are not mindblowing but my long , tiresome , hardwork of all blood and sweat and in a nutshell that journey and its sweet results , that is something very mindblowing  . Though Maths never being my favourite subject but it taught me the best lessons of my life. Now I am not afriaid to meet the failure of this subject ever. Whatever this subject holds for me, I know I will surely get it….

Thus , with these spirits let’s celebrate the mere presence of this subject ..and Happy Mathematics Day to all those lovely readers who would have studied Maths at any point of their life….

Also , anyone who has such interesting story or memory related to this subject , you can share in the comment section or to share it personally you can mail me at . I promise to keep it confidential and would love to hear it..

Loads of love and Smiles to my Dearest Readers and Thank you for the  patience whosoever will read it..

Best Regards

Suman Kumari

Part 1:- Being a Student who studied Maths….

Well interestingly today might be or might not be a special day for all those school or college students who would have in their lifetime studied the subject of Maths , because today is a National Mathematics Day.

I think there has been a solid connection of every student with the subject of Maths , mine too. That connection might be in varied sense. In my  lifetime I have seen some brilliant student who were effortlessly good at it and I have also seen some who were so afraid of this subject. Their notions about this was like the full form of M.A.T.H.S ( Meri Aatma Tujhe Hamesha Satayegi) , it got into my head when one of my classmate in 7th class shared this with us. And I even remember that child got a tight slap from the maths teacher when she got to know about it.

I have been an average student in Maths and its important reason was I always possessed many ambiguous thought about it. I agree that it’s a highly practical subject , only practice and clearing of concepts can help you in long run. But I also recall its mere relevance in a student’s life as it helps in arousing their analytical skills and strengthens their problem solving capacity to be consistent and push yourself harder with every bit of effort and practice.

Once I got to know from an interview of Ira Sehgal ( who is one of the topper of UPSC exam ) , she shared that Maths is a subject which largely depends upon how a Maths teacher teaches it. Well , its indeed a true fact. Many people might agree with it , many might not . But not only this , there are other additional  things which are of essential to be fulfilled.

Those Additional things are comprised in the Part 2 of this segment.

Thank you.

The Journey Begins…

A very big ‘Hey’ and ‘Warm Greetings’ to all those lovely souls who are making the effort and spending time in reading this.

It is an ecastic feeling for me to present my content to share some of my feelings, life lessons and experiences through this medium of blogging. I have always aspired to be a blogger, honestly a ‘FAMOUS’ blogger. But I need to go a long way to be really famous . But the most important thing above all is , that atleast I am doing What I want to do and will enjoy every bit of it.

Well, who am ‘I’? It is a very complex question . One thing I can say is I am not a very spiritual or a very philosphical kind of person who has seen a lot of time and life. I am just a 20 year old college student/girl who is a little philanthropic and a little passionate about making the sincere effort to help people to improve their lives. My advice and my thoughts might not be that ‘APT’, but they still have the capacity to bring out many fruitful implications to improve life’s situations.

But one thing I would like to share with everyone about me is that sharing my notions and fathoms through this medium of writing has been my DREAM , since a long time . I feel highly fortunate to possess such a flair inside the core of my heart . Honestly , I believe that sharing your life’s feelings through the medium of writing is a beautiful expression. With the help of writing, you give your life’s feelings more profound meaning because you learn to value it more, it becomes an act of self care that provides happiness and in a nutshell changes your life.

What one can expect out of my blogs?

Well, the simple answer is some Inspiration and some Motivation from some of the situations and experiences I witnessed in my life till now. I am here to unveil some of the life’s enriching lessons which I learnt out of many realities I have seen at a tender age.

So here is a Start. I hope it goes a long way and I know it will. Before concluding I really want to express my sincere gratitude towards all those wonderful people who really encouraged me to reach to this stage and to take this step ahead. Also to all those who would read this patiently and to everyone else also in advance who will like it and will not feel hesitant in appreciating it….

Stay Tuned For Further Beautiful Contents…

Best Regards

Suman Kumari