Part 1:- Being a Student who studied Maths….

Well interestingly today might be or might not be a special day for all those school or college students who would have in their lifetime studied the subject of Maths , because today is a National Mathematics Day.

I think there has been a solid connection of every student with the subject of Maths , mine too. That connection might be in varied sense. In my  lifetime I have seen some brilliant student who were effortlessly good at it and I have also seen some who were so afraid of this subject. Their notions about this was like the full form of M.A.T.H.S ( Meri Aatma Tujhe Hamesha Satayegi) , it got into my head when one of my classmate in 7th class shared this with us. And I even remember that child got a tight slap from the maths teacher when she got to know about it.

I have been an average student in Maths and its important reason was I always possessed many ambiguous thought about it. I agree that it’s a highly practical subject , only practice and clearing of concepts can help you in long run. But I also recall its mere relevance in a student’s life as it helps in arousing their analytical skills and strengthens their problem solving capacity to be consistent and push yourself harder with every bit of effort and practice.

Once I got to know from an interview of Ira Sehgal ( who is one of the topper of UPSC exam ) , she shared that Maths is a subject which largely depends upon how a Maths teacher teaches it. Well , its indeed a true fact. Many people might agree with it , many might not . But not only this , there are other additional  things which are of essential to be fulfilled.

Those Additional things are comprised in the Part 2 of this segment.

Thank you.


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