Part 2 :- Being a Student , who studied Maths…

Let me share my experience regarding this topic :-

As I already mentioned that I was an average student in it. Maths was never my favorite subject , but still I was able to do it through practicising , mugging , cheating , learning from blunders and so on.

I was good at it till 8th. Its important reason was some good teachers , who taught well. But my performance in it degraded from 9th and its reason the teacher not being too good at teaching , the syllabus being so tough and I had no tutions. My graph at this subject experiencing those troughs . I really never got good marks in it.

Maths in 10th became pathetic to a next level. The reason was not the  teacher and syllabus but a lack of spirit to actually wish to do something . Though I tried hard , but all in vain. The resentment of the teacher and the high competition in my batch were fuels which were firing my demotivated capacity more and more. I still remember being passed in my pre and pre pre boards on just margins by god’s grace. Finally being highly dejected and disappointed by seeing those negative sloping curves in the graph of Maths , I still tried to push myself hard to practice and make sincere efforts for my board. My board went well but I was as usual not wholly satisfied. I remember I got 86/100 marks in 10th board Maths. I was still not happy. But lately I realised out of my inner self motivation centre that its okay to get this much . I put upon an effort and that yielded maybe not the best but atleast a good or better result.  I always used to be on the verge of failing, but I got this much which I think was a good score for a student like who never understood much of Maths concept and was more interested in getting rid of them asap.

The same cycle continued in 11th class Maths also , whose level reached to a stage of such horrible and pathethic feelings, that I dont have even words to describe it. And (Sone Pe Suhaga) the new Maths teacher also left no stone unturned in making the subject and my performance to become from bad to worst . I still remember there was a cycle test about which I was so confident to get good marks. But destiny does not even take second to shatter all your hopes. The next day , the maths teacher is standing in front of me with my answer script of failed marks and giving some nonsense and baseless resons of failing me . I remembered I cried on that day and was  actually howling like hell twice once in the afternoon when that hurt feeling was ‘fresh’ and one at night because I just wanted to. But after that , I never cried because of this subject . I got failed and was even on the verge of it. But I knew one thing in my mind that if I will practice more , my results will surely improve.

The same happened for my 12th class board , the paper being damn easy , but its a nescessity to be scornful aganist me for those silly mistakes I made in that easy paper. When results came , I got 90/100 , the highest of all subjects in Maths. I was evetually very happy and I can actually bet and give guarntee to my readers that I was more happy than that boy who scored 99/100 in this subject. It is because he would surely be knowing in advance that he would score well . But unluckily or maybe luckily I never had such feeling. Always remember only the unexpectecd things can give you the greatest joy and maybe more than even the expected ones.

Also , never  give up hope. Never mind Maths being the toughest and complex subject , but still it has its own beauty . Always keep on trying. You might get dejected results often but there is something better or best waiting for you. And Marks are not everything, but efforts are. You make sincere efforts for a thing even that counts. I know the scores I got 86 and 90 , they are not mindblowing but my long , tiresome , hardwork of all blood and sweat and in a nutshell that journey and its sweet results , that is something very mindblowing  . Though Maths never being my favourite subject but it taught me the best lessons of my life. Now I am not afriaid to meet the failure of this subject ever. Whatever this subject holds for me, I know I will surely get it….

Thus , with these spirits let’s celebrate the mere presence of this subject ..and Happy Mathematics Day to all those lovely readers who would have studied Maths at any point of their life….

Also , anyone who has such interesting story or memory related to this subject , you can share in the comment section or to share it personally you can mail me at . I promise to keep it confidential and would love to hear it..

Loads of love and Smiles to my Dearest Readers and Thank you for the  patience whosoever will read it..

Best Regards

Suman Kumari


2 thoughts on “Part 2 :- Being a Student , who studied Maths…

  1. Kinda funny, I already have some memories with maths, I remeber when I was 9 years old I didnt want to learn the multiplication table and my father was with me studying so he just hit me with a belt to make me study and since then i didnt forget the table anymore hahaha
    It’s really one of the best time i had studying because I was a little lazy. It was just to make me know that lazy people dont succes. I also thank that after 17 years after hahah
    I dont know if you get it but Its funny for me!

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    1. Well , I got it … Its really nice to hear it from you .. thank u for that… Ya sometimes out of such things also we get to see a alot of change inside us and towards our life situation .. I am happy that u have only happy memories of it .. I too have it and we should live with that only


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