Lessons at the END….

Very  ‘Warm Greetings’ to all my readers..

Well , today I am very excited . As it is the very last day of this year. This year might be good for some or it might not be that happening . Varied emotions , Varied perceptions and Varied stigmas are attached to this former statement. But I do believe that every year holds something for somebody. Every year has a tremendous capacity to give away something in return to all which could be used , implemented , implied , moulded to one’s life aspect at any point of time.

Honestly , I believe that 2018 has been an awesome year for me. There were plenty of things I achieved . There were valuable experiences I witnessed . There were certain mistakes I commited. Also , many wrong decisions I took.

I comprise all those things into a nutshell of certain lessons I have learnt at the time span of 365 days.So we are near to January , I wish to share certain best lessons I learned from the year of 2018 out of intense reflection on how I showed up , performed, lived and served over.

I hope they will help my readers to fly and help them to achieve maybe not all but something in 2019 ..

# 1. The worth of any award or reward becomes more valuable when it is obtained out of one’s immense hard work , consistency and dedication. The results are felt to be fruitful only when they emerges out of a fruitful tale of devotion and dedication. It is a big truth and I admit to it not only emotionally but practically as well.

# 2 . “ Jin Aankhon Mein Sapne Hote Hai , Unn Se Kabhi Rona Nahi Chahiye, Sapne Dhundle Ho Jate Hai.” This statement is my favourite. I really love it, the way it is. Never give up hopes. Surely , there are many big dreams of yours desperately waiting for your efforts , patience and consistent attitude to be completed which we have once seen or imagined in our lives.

# 3 . “Work for people who believe in you and work for those people in whose vision you believe the most.” The another beautiful lesson I learnt this year . I understand one need to maintain a firm balance between one’s wishes and other expectation. But still if things start taking a fierce troll on ‘you’ then step back and give yourself what you want. Always remember your time , efforts , mental peace and your own ‘self’ are not something to be recklessly spoiled by anybody. No one has that right . Remember it.

# 4 . “Forgive the Unforgiven” , This is a precious skill for leading a legendary life : learn to let go of those people and things which caused you grief and releasing the experiences that no longer serve any purpose. I know it sounds simple , but it’s not. One such situation I witnessed personally this year. But one conclusion I draw is , that it is important to understand anyone does anything best based on their level of wisdom , maturity and private power. Just let go off things and work for your beneficial future.

# 5 . The art of making good decisions always come from good experience and good experience always originate from bad experiences. This is a bitter truth . But only this yield the most sweetest results of all.

# 6 . “ Ek Chote Se Beej Ko Bhi Bada Ped Ban Ne Ke Liye Bahut Dabna Padta Hai” That is very true . To really achieve what you want in your life you have to go through , be compressed or suppressed through a lot many ( I wont say hardships) but ya certain time or phase which we don’t expect initially but we have to witness it.

# 7 . The golden rule of maintaining good equation with people is to express your gratitude towards them . I know it requires efforts but that’s worth it and also kindness will take you a long way in your life . Be the kindest of all …

# 8 . Never show the world your weakness , they learn to play with them . Honestly , the kind of opinion others make about you largely depends on what you show to the world. It’s interesting sometimes to deceive people by revealing something unexpected. Also , my readers , emotions are way more valuable , don’t spend  them recklessly .

# 9 . Discipline is the key to life. I believe discipline has different meanings for different people. Hence realise that right meaning and start working according to it. Being disciplined might be difficult but one cannot escape from it.

# 10 . Set goals only for small achievable targets. When we set a very big goal and do not strive hard to achieve it then it creates a detested feeling inside us. But when you make small goals relevant to particular circumstances and time , then surely you have more vigour to achieve them , you make yourself more committed in achieving those small goals and thereby with the completion of all those small goals you ultimately achieve the big goal.

# 11 . Stay in a company of those people who help you to grow and be nourished. I know it’s damn hard. But remain constantly in search of them . The company which  , maybe at present , might not be able to provide to you to that extent , learn the art of Acceptance from them . Honestly , life is too short to love , there is no time for hate. But acceptance toward things or people you cannot change, well that is a pious trait, I firmly believe so.

# 12 . Don’t be too busy to not able to take out time for yourself . It’s important to make  efforts for the wellbeing of yourself’ . Love yourself , be yourself and take care of yourself.

2019 is a fresh opportunity and I hope the above lessons which have helped me are surely going to help my readers also.

Always remember we are constructed to be victorious in our own authentic way. We all have that natural power in us to create maybe something which we dreamt of or we are aspired to do so. Just have the devotion to act for it because nothing happens until we move or we do. Life celebrates and values only to the doers.

….so start the New Year magnificently and have a fantastic start which will set my readers up for a magical finish.

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers!!!

I would appreciate the sincere efforts and patience of all those who would read it and highly appreciate to all those who will like it and comment over it.

Thank You

Best Regards

Suman Kumari


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