Resolutions Poore Honge…

Very ‘Warm Greetings’ to my readers and a very Happy New Year.

I hope everyone had a great kickstart to 2019.

Well , recently the new semester of my  college started. It was a great feeling to be back and meet those lovely people. As we all were greeting new year wishes to each other , one of my friend asked another that ‘Hey ! Did you make any resolutions?’. The later person answered , ‘ Not at all. I never make them. Because nothing is ever achieved.’ My former friend also shared that , ‘ Same. Nothing happens. Even if we make it , we never follow them and they are never achieved. And by seeing such scenerios we often feel disapponted and detested. So its better not to make it.’ Both of my friends were having complete unison assurance over this topic and were brimmingly convinced that resolutions actually serve no purpose.

Well, nummerous variety of perceptions revolve around the concept of resolution. Throughout my life I also made many and sometimes not even thought of making them , forget about accomplishing them.

But with passing time , I witnessed a very strong realization about the concept of resolutions. The two most crucial aspect of resolution which I believe are :-  

  1. Making and Doing Efforts

  2. Fragmenting the resolutions into small goals.

Making and Doing Efforts

Why are we happy and proud of our successes and accomplishments ? There might be different answers for many. But my answer solely focus on one thing which is that we tend to feel happy and proud because we make load of efforts for achieving any particular target. We push  ourselves hard, we compromise , we face all kind of hurdles and the combination of all this tend us to leave no stone unturned in finally establishing our accomplishments. When making efforts yield so many fruitful results , then why are we so resistant in making so ? The clear reason that ‘resolutions not being completed’ is simply one’s own unwillingness to at least try or make an effort for completing them.

There is not a single activity in this world which does not demand one’s effort. One simply cannot escape from it. One eat food and enjoy it , because one make an effort to use the movement of one’s hands. Our photos seems to be good. Why? Because we make an effort to choose  good clothes , to make poses and to show good expressions.

We make an effort for activities of daily routine . But we can’t make effort to fulfill our resolutions because we live under a false impression that they will never be fulfilled. If this has been the case then nothing would have ever evolved, revolved, developed and innovated in this world. All this happened, because at some point there was someone who dared to accomplish something by making sincere efforts in that domain.

The same principle undergoes in the process of completion of resolutions. Once we have made our mind to put forth immense efforts in achieving whatever one want then I think resolution initiates to the stage of being completed . Fruitful results are not provided at free cost. One cannot expect to avail all outputs if we do not put in necessary inputs. The value of any success or accomplishment is worth when one achieve it through consistent efforts for a particular desire. The result one obtain might not be expected beforehand, but indulge yourself in the process of giving your best with your valuable efforts. It might be hard, painful and stressful but its long lasting impact  make you and your life worthy of. The choice of being disappointed is in your own hands. Resolutions are not to blamed for that.

Fragmenting Resolutions into Small   Goals

The main reason of being disappointed with our resolutions is that we decide a very big goal for the year . We try to complete it in that capacity only. Big goals are not achieved overnight.  Their results are not felt in just one day.

Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook. He has extreme power and great intelligence. But he cannot handle his such big company alone. His company’s functions need to be designated into numerous parts or departments to be handled by different people. When people perform their jobs and it is well coordinated with the responsibilities of the CEO , then only the company is able to achieve its targets. Similarly , one can achieve the long term goal by fragmenting it into small goals aligned to particular time and situation. When you break the big goal into different small goals  and when you complete those at particular time , then ultimately the big goal is achieved.

Like if we fragment our one big goal into 5 small goals and we follow it continuously then

5 ( little goals each day)  X 30 (days)


    150 ( little wins within a month)

And when these goals are followed in all months then it leads to

          150 X 12 = 1800 little wins

At the end of the year one would have completed 1800 little goals. It’s not just the achievement of nearly 1800 small wins that will be your success, but having the focus , discipline , grit and stamina to get 1800 goals done in a year which will rightly help in achieving big goal of our life.

I think whosoever make resolutions , they take the best step to improve themselves and their situations. What one need at the next step is to convert your resolutions into little wins by completing small goals with the component of undertaking efforts. Believe me , life is too short . Why to always brood over issues of our incapabilities of having not achieved this or that.

This year let’s try something different. Lets gear up and make things happen which we always aspired. Forget what happened the last years. Avail the  opportunity of this new year to be the best of all and to be occupied with little wins.

This  year let’s acknowledge  taste of our successes and accomplishments.

All The Best !!!!

Thanks for all the patience and time.

Best Regards

Suman Kumari


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