Grades or Values ????

Very Warm Wishes to my readers

I know it has been a long time that I have come up with another blog of mine in this new year of fresh spirits.

Now a days , newspapers are being filled with numerous information about one of the crucial topic which is ‘Board Exams’. Since last week , I have seen or read plenty of articles about boards , how we need to prepare for them, all those exam tips , how one need to tackle stress during such period and so on. While reading about all such stuff , I came across a very beautiful article. The article was pretty compact and direct in its message. But there were couple of lines written in that , which had such deep impact on me. My mind is constantly spinning up and thinking about the eccentricities of those lines.

Those lines were

( I think it’s better to quote them in that same manner)  :-

“It is us , who do not show our children the right direction . In the formative years, we ask them to learn things that they most likely will not need in their later lives. When they grow up , we ask them to display skills and values which we never stressed upon in the first place at the right time.”

Well, this is in the reference of the nature of parents and teachers who only emphasises on the importance of scoring good grade always. The education system of our country is such which signify the mere marks as the parameter to judge children’s brilliance or calibre. And what the education system has stated, that has been prevailing since long and its effects have become so deep rooted that it’s so difficult to uproot them. Throughout our lives we have been made to remain under this scenario  to score good grades in order to be successful. But is marks everything?? Being a student myself, I can now proudly answer, NOT AT ALL.

Your life solely never depends on just numbers . It depends on the kind of person you become during the course of life. Any 3 hour exam with questions and ‘YOU’ vomiting over those can never determine the real worth of yourself. What matter the most is , the kind of values and skills children learn in their formative years . The knowledge given to them might be outdated with times but the kind of values  and skills which one cultivates , that makes a tremendous difference in one’s life.

We are given stress , but no one ever teaches us how to handle that stress. Employer’s today are looking for productive skills and values in candidates , but how to master them when the  foundation of our qualification primarily lies over mere marks.

Children or Students of today , in fact the citizens of tomorrow need specific set of values in their lives more than anything else. INDEED

Values of vision , respect , love , integrity , honesty, commitment , gratitude and friendship. It is these values which makes the difference in youth’s professional and personal lives. What is equally important is right combination of skills . Communication skills, critical thinking , creativity , time management , emotional intelligence , decision making , problem solving , leadership. Together , these skills and values are what is required  in tomorrow’s global citizens . But these are pretty unlikely nurtured at the formative age , which is very depressing to know.

Never mind what teachers and parents make us to do , it is crucial to come out of such rat races and to start living our lives according to our perspective and intuitions. We have to become the learners for life. Whatever career we take up, we should firmly establish the fact that right values and time tested skills only will take us to the pinnacle of our career.

We should not mind to learn as per somebody’s expectations , one thing which we should know is ‘How to keep learning all our LIFE.’

Do you remember your marks ??

Well you should better not , because there are more beautiful things to live for…..

Best Regards

Suman Kumari



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