A Great January Start..

Very warm wishes to all my readers .

Finally the first month of this amazing year has already come to an end. I had a great kick start of this month. I also expect the same for others.

January is always going to be special because it is the first month of a new year. It lays a foundation for all our promises , targets and resolutions which we wish to achieve in remaining days of the year.

At this thought , I don’t want to say that first impression is the last impression. But still , in whichever manner we are going to spent our first month , the same would continue in rest of the other months. But still there is some special power or intensity of having or making a good start. Because later on those spirits actually help you to survive and spend the rest of your time in a better way.

I made several resolutions for this year. Also, enumerated around 30 things , I am going to follow this year. Some things are on full mode of being accomplished. But some still remains unfulfilled. But it’s okay. One should be happy with the accomplishments we succeed in.

So here are some crucial things , lessons , suggestions or whatever name one would like to give,  to be followed to add some sparks for your coming thriving future days of this year.

#  Watch the video of ‘The first day of your best life’ by Robin Sharma. It’s worth watching.


( The following link of the same )

# Make necessary efforts to enjoy every single moment of your life. Because there are some who don’t lead a very stable life like us. We are really  fortunate to avail such a privilege.

# There is no substitute of HARD WORK. One can never escape from it.

#  Watch the movie ‘URI’. Though I haven’t watched it myself. But someone rightly convinced me to watch it. Because it inspires you to have Jazbaa  in right earnest. And I will watch the movie soon.

# Read ‘Love A Little Stronger’. It’s a lovely book by my favorite writer , Preeti Shenoy.

#Some of the finest advice I received to live a great college life  and that was :-


*Discover yourself. College life is the       perfect time for that.

*Avail all kind of bizarre opportunities and chances.

(Thanks Mr.Ankur Warikoo for these words)

#Listen to the audio which is the autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam narrated by Gulzar on youtube. He was indeed the biggest inspiration for students and will always remain so. (Thanks to Sandeep Maheshwari for making me know this.)

#Dont dream wildly. Chase them not only to just have them ,but to accomplish them one day.

My january end with these special things.  It has been an amazing start attain such wonderful experiences.

I want to know from my readers that how have they spent their first month of 2019.It will be amazing if anyone shares it with me , so that we all learn and unlearn many things . You can share anything whatever you wish in the reply box or write a mail to me at suman120997@gmail.com.

Remember a single day is enough to make us a little larger.  Work gracefully for it.

A big thank you to all those who will read this patiently.

Best Regards

Suman Kumari.


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