Happy Valentine’s Eve

“Love is like a air , you can’t see it but you can feel it.”

With this thought,  Very Warm Wishes and a very ‘Happy Valentine’s Week’ to all my readers.

Well, there is something very special about Valentine’s week . One hardly knows where it started from , but it is celebrated like a major festival. Gift shops are beautifully decorated to keep that spirit alive, new kind of advertisement on the theme of Valentine’s week are being broadcasted to propagate those feeling of love and many such instances could be witnessed all around during the eve of this festival.
There might be varied kind of perceptions in the mind of people regarding this eve. For some it could be a mere time pass comprising useless activities and for some it could be very close to their hearts (especially for Lovers).

What I believe about this concept of Valentine’s Day is , let me explain you all through a very recent situation.

I commute by Metro to my college with one of my freind who often go with me. She is a great metro companion. I had many outside trips with her and also many memories too. Some days before recently when we were going back from college , I told her that  Chocolate Day is coming. I told her we will celebrate it.

“I will bring a chocolate for you and you also get a chocolate for me.” But she told me that, “I won’t”.

According to her it’s not necessary to give chocolate in order to celebrate that day. If I want to give her the chocolate , I might , but she won’t because she simply does not want to , by being adamant with this fact , she do not find it compulsory to give it to somebody’s else in order to celebrate.

Though I don’t feel offended by her statement. For me it’s completely okay. Different people have different opinions. I can’t change it. But one thing which I felt was :-

I understand that in today’s globalised and materialistic world there is only a very small space of emotions . More than half of our life is always bombarded with loads of work and being indulged in all stigmas related to work , where there is a lot of pressure , stress , scarcity of time , hectic schedule , struct disciplines and many such issues
It’s not easy too easy nowadays  to really prioritise the celebration of such  Valentine’s week in full vigour and ecstasy.

But still what I feel is even if we do a little for others in order to make that particular moment special then it is indeed one of the finest act to live a worthwhile life.Every time it’s not important to be just indulged in one’s own set of restricted perceptions . Sometimes it’s even important to be less hesitant in order to make someone feel special for their presence in your life. It’s not a big deal to give a chocolate or a teddy to somebody , one might even do it very casually. But the meaning of such acts become more profound when given to somebody with those earnest feelings and highly appreciated values. I think this is the only purpose which Valentine’s Week actually serve  to speak and embark the language of love upon your dearest one in a way that they are remembered for some time.

Another important thing is , its not crucial to celebrate this eve only if you are a lover or you have a respective girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse.I feel one can celebrate this eve with every kind of relationships we are tied with whether its with our friends , parents or our siblings , or any other beautiful  souls with whom we have good equations who make our life even more beautiful.

Hence , celebrate this eve , Love is the best feeling of all. And it becomes  bestest when its shared with others too.

So let’s keep up that alive spirit of our love , our care , our genuine efforts which helped us to survive our beautiful life with numerous meaningful relations.

Thanks for reading this out…..

Best Reagards

Suman Kumari


11 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Eve

    1. I completely agree with that … But still I feel that such eve are really few of those selected days in one’s life where we make a little more effort to celebrate our bonds which eventually inspires us to strenghten our bond for years ago in our life….Which I believe so …. but still thanks for acknoweledging and sharing your thoughts regarding it …

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  1. I love that you wrote about this! We celebrate the whole month of February with splashes of love towards others and we work to spread joy and happiness during this month. It’s about letting us know how much they are valued♥️. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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