The Journey Begins…

A very big ‘Hey’ and ‘Warm Greetings’ to all those lovely souls who are making the effort and spending time in reading this.

It is an ecastic feeling for me to present my content to share some of my feelings, life lessons and experiences through this medium of blogging. I have always aspired to be a blogger, honestly a ‘FAMOUS’ blogger. But I need to go a long way to be really famous . But the most important thing above all is , that atleast I am doing What I want to do and will enjoy every bit of it.

Well, who am ‘I’? It is a very complex question . One thing I can say is I am not a very spiritual or a very philosphical kind of person who has seen a lot of time and life. I am just a 20 year old college student/girl who is a little philanthropic and a little passionate about making the sincere effort to help people to improve their lives. My advice and my thoughts might not be that ‘APT’, but they still have the capacity to bring out many fruitful implications to improve life’s situations.

But one thing I would like to share with everyone about me is that sharing my notions and fathoms through this medium of writing has been my DREAM , since a long time . I feel highly fortunate to possess such a flair inside the core of my heart . Honestly , I believe that sharing your life’s feelings through the medium of writing is a beautiful expression. With the help of writing, you give your life’s feelings more profound meaning because you learn to value it more, it becomes an act of self care that provides happiness and in a nutshell changes your life.

What one can expect out of my blogs?

Well, the simple answer is some Inspiration and some Motivation from some of the situations and experiences I witnessed in my life till now. I am here to unveil some of the life’s enriching lessons which I learnt out of many realities I have seen at a tender age.

So here is a Start. I hope it goes a long way and I know it will. Before concluding I really want to express my sincere gratitude towards all those wonderful people who really encouraged me to reach to this stage and to take this step ahead. Also to all those who would read this patiently and to everyone else also in advance who will like it and will not feel hesitant in appreciating it….

Stay Tuned For Further Beautiful Contents…

Best Regards

Suman Kumari