June 10 Insights

“It is not what you gather but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived”

Today I read in the newspaper that Azim Premji, the CEO of Wipro, is going to resign from his post on 31st July this year. He, being the second richest men of India, is finally stepping down leaving behind a rich legacy of his enterprise. I got to know that he has been the first Indian to sign the Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s, ‘Giving Pledge’ initiative, donating 50% of his wealth in the welfare of society. Don’t you think it’s indeed a strange thing? In a country like India where there are so many other promising business tycoons, but he has been the only person to take such an initiative. Well this truly expresses that, this person has not only gained a reputation in terms of his materialistic successes, but is ready to commit such benevolent act which out pours selfless humanitarian services for the world. I really feel happy that in a country like ours where the level of crime and violence is outgrowing to endless limits, but still the acts of such people try to regain our faith in the existence of compassion and love for all human beings whether belonging to this nation or to the other nation. Our life really does not become great by what we acquire or what we possess. But its greatness is also reflected by all those little acts of sacrifice, help , affability which we try to spread in the world.

Best Regards

Suman Kumari

June 9 Insights

Comparison is the theif of joy

I have been an average student at school. I scored 86% in 12th class. Although, the score was not that high. But still I was happy with my marks. I scored them out of my hard work and dedication. There were many other students who scored really well. There were some of those also who don’t used to perform that well during the whole year, but scored better marks than me. But its alright. I think we should really not compare ourselves with others. This is indeed a very small instance. But in life also, we should really be content with whatever we have. All round the world, there would surely be people with their own latent talents, better resources, higher wealth, greater opportunities etc. Throughout our lives, we can’t be contemplating with our exsisting degree of survival. I have met many people who never feel happy with their share of accomplishments but are always upset by comparing their level of contentment with that of the others. Learn to embrace one’s own uniqueness. Trust me no one can be better or in fact best than us.

In fact, Bill Gates even said it, “ We should not compare ourselves with others, if we do so, we are insulting ourselves.”

Best Regards

Suman Kumari

June 8 Insights

“I was tried of pretending that I was someone else just to get along with people, just for the sake of having friendships”

Well, I have been a victim of it since ages. Not only me , but many of us. We do pretend or try to show that part of ourseleves in front of people which we are actually not in order to maintain our friendships or to be with people. I have always found myself into dilemma under such circumstances. My reasons of doing so has been , I believe that always you cannot be balantaly true to someone. To reveal the truth of your opinion in front of someone is not always productive. Its cruicial to be a bit diplomatic according to the demand of the situation and the type of people you are dealing with. We all are somehow indirectly dependent on each other. It’s cruicial to have people of friends for socialising. I know we maintain such equations to derive benefits from people. Another thing it also depends on the patience level of a particular person with whom we get in contact. Everyone is not that rational or maybe that tolerant to really understand their shortcomings or our insecurities with them, for the reason that why do we really pretend something in front of them.

But two important interferances which I have realised from my experience are :-

Firstly, Its crucial to make adjustments with people. To accept their differences. Even if , we practice it by pretending a bit. Honestly, all equations which we make with people ,the one thing present in their foundation is the trait of sheer acceptance.Such things only make our relationships more valuable. No one is perfect. Everbody has their own set of strengths and shortcomings. Relationships become more meaningful when they are accepted by knowing every side of a person.

Secondly, Everything has limits. If you really think that things are really becoming difficult in terms of managing then its better to move on. Always there is no need of forcing yourself to be with people who really don’t provide due regard to your presence. When things really start taking a troll on your mental well being which destroys your overall level of positivity, then I think its better to leave everything and look for something better. There is no dearth of good people in this world. One might get them late , but its fruitful to wait for them. But never compromise your essence of indiviuality. Have some self respect for yourself. You are not a garbage to collect people’s garbage of insult upon you.

People do have their beauties. Its just we need to learn how to accept it.

Best Regards

Suman Kumari

June 7 Insights

“No one will believe in our ability to do great things until we believe in our greatness and then put sincere and rigorous effort to realize it.”

In our college department fests are organized every year. I belong to commerce department whose annual academic fest is called, ‘Comquest’. The fest has basically different kind of competitions related to business world where students from different colleges are invited to participate in events and to win the cash price. To organize an event in Comquest has a long and structured procedure. An event to be finalized for a fest requires the approval of many people including our professor, the event organizer committee and the department union. In last year Comquest, I also proposed an event idea whose name was ‘One Paper Plan’, a competition where participants were requested to write the business plan in one paper given a specified template. Although my idea was simple. But it was indeed innovative and creative. Nothing like that ever was being done or organized. But still I witnessed a lot of criticism in terms of that my idea is so simple. This event is not competitive at all. There was a lot of mockery I witnessed during the execution of this event. Unexpected things were taking place. There was countless number of moments where I was so pissed off and completely drained by stress.

But at the end everything went well, I guess so. Not in that capacity in which I expected. But still it was executed. This has been a very memorable incident of my college life which taught me a great lesson of life. The most important of all is underlined in the statement written above. It’s very crucial to have self-belief in yourself and in things which you wish to propose. If you don’t believe in your own capacity and creativity level, then you can’t expect it from somebody else. I know during that time there were many people who were against my idea, but still one thing which helped in its execution was my trust over my idea and efforts that, yes I can do it and will give my best. I wanted many things out of the same. But it’s okay. Results are not always in your hands. But preparation and your trust on your effort, that is always with you to be controlled and cultivated. Give your best into that.

Best Regards

Suman Kumari

June 6 Insights

“You owe a lot to society for making you ‘privileged citizen’. You have a greater responsiblity to pay back society and make it more harmonious and


I have been an avid reader of newspaper. I really love to explore new things into newspapers. I have aspired to create my own newspaper company. And that newspaper would include only positive things happening all around the world and society. But with time my perception regarding it suddenly changed. I know its really difficult to survive with a distracted mind of all kind of negative and vile things which happens in our country and society. Eventually newspaper do play a great role in propogating all these issues. I have often heard from people , that they generally don’t like to read newspapers in morning . The reason being , to avoid spoiling of the mind since dawn with all those news of dirty politics , killing , murder , rape , violence , economic losses , terrorisim etc. I do understand that such evils do destroy the mental peace of any indiviual’s mind. But do you all really think that by being concerned only about its destructive impact on our mind will solve all these perenial problems of our society?

Well, the genuine answer is a big ‘NO’ and this is indeed a harsh reality. Problems never get solved only by thinking about their bad consequences and to remain aloof from them as much as possible. Every problem which dwells in our society affects each living being whether directly or indirectly. We just cannot remain deattached to them. So what can be done to make an impact in such prevailing time?

This really involves the realisation of two things :-

Firstly, its important to realise the problems and become more aware about such evil happening in our society. One tend to bring a change only after one knows about it , that this side of society also exsists and people are genuinenly suffering its ugly effects.

Secondly, rather than to cultivate the mindset that we collectively are going to change the world at once and in one go , its better to change one perception about one thing in one’s own mind. If we indivually are ready to believe in right things and to follow them of our own. This mentality will automatically change things of its own. One really do not have to come with a giant action plan.

Honestly, its very crucial to serve our country and society. Never mind there are numerous problems. How much time will it take to change all of that , no one really knows about it. But still we should never forget that we owe a lot to our society and nation. Always , its even not correct that we just keep expecting things from others when we ourselves are so resistent to do something , not even something really small.

Hence, its really crucial and eventually a high time to come out of our coccons and safe nutshells to do something for our society , not only to benefit others but to ourselves also.

Lets make this nation a better place for our upcoming generations in future and for ourselves too at present.

Best Regards

Suman Kumari

June 5 Insights

“All shadows of insecurity dissolve in the warm glow of persistency….”

I have a friend who is working as a government employee. She is quite young. Her journey of getting a job and proving herself has been filled with a lot of setbacks. The most essential of all was her parent’s doubt on her. Their disbelief that will their daughter be able to make a mark or not was truly ambiguous. This feeling started creating a lot of insecurities in her. Those constant pangs of self-doubt, stress, frustration were highly troubling her mental well-being. But still she left no stone unturned in making her best effort in preparing herself for the job opportunity. She was highly consistent and diligent in her preparation and hard work. The arrival of fruitful result though took a lot of time. Having patience also helps in winning half portion of a major victory. So does my friend got. She acquired the respective job for which she worked really hard.

Insecurities can emerge from many sources. One of the major sources is outside opinions. But the most prone source of all is our own disbelief over us. This is something we need to overcome by our positive attitude of making persistent effort and striving hard for our aspirations. There are no shortcuts of hard work. Your insecurities can never help in acquiring any kind of mercy from somebody. It’s just us who need to remove these particles of de constructive element in our path of glorious future with our only strongest tool of persistence.

Best Regards

Suman Kumari